Back in Time for MOOCs

A long, long time ago in a place before doctorate known as 2012 I was working on concepts of MOOC application for formal study, when FutureLearn was merely a twinkle in our VC’s eye.
The ideas that I had at the time were based on the mapping of MOOCs to our formal curriculum for each qualification to produce programmes of micro credentials to encourage learners into becoming formal university students. Sadly in a time when Coursera was in its infancy, my idea was deemed too big and dare I say…revolutionary…for its time.

Then interestingly today the topic of my old idea gathered momentum in an impromptu meeting based on an off handed comment I made as the formal meeting drew to a close. As a result I was requested to dust off my 2012 folder and find my original plan to forward to the interested parties for further discussion. 

Am I upset? No. Am I frustrated at times? Yes. 
One of my greatest lessons I’ve learned in my 12 years at the OU is that sometimes it’s about timing. I am forever finding myself building on ideas in new projects I conjured up from old ideaa in my days of OU yore. And in this case hindsight tells me that these were the droids I was looking for. 

So how does this fit in with my doctorate? Well in the case of the EdD it’s about professionally developing not only yourself but your field. Keep my 2012 vision in mind, and from the review of over 100 presentations of MOOCs I hatched upon the plan that I’ve been developing of disaggregating and reconstructing the learning designs of MOOCs to increase theorerically engagement. The EBC project is now in production and will be launched to the public in the summer with talks of a potential ABC project for next academic year. The data from which will form part of my postdoctoral research based on my four P’s model I’m proposing in my thesis. (More blog posts with acronym explanations and hopefully an ALT-C submission to follow). 

If today taught me anything, the Rebel force is strong in this one. 


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