The Afterlife 

With my draft thesis submitted I’m finally in my last 6 months of my doctorate (approval of said draft thesis pending). The Research School had scheduled the last few days as a study break for much needed respite. It was a glorious few days and an insight into the afterlife once I get there. 

For me it’s been a long hard slog to get here, I’ve been studying solid for 8 years to date with still 6 months to go plus viva and corrections. I haven’t really taken breaks (apart from getting my divorce and waiting to be accepted on the EdD programme) so to be honest I never thought I would get to the point of academic study freedom. I had to stop myself recently from thinking of signing up for the LLB in February simply on the grounds of ‘because I don’t have one.  I am an academic Pavlov’s dog. 

So what to do with the afterlife once I get there? Sleep of course but then what? Thoughts turn to two things, the research I’ve identified that I will do and genealogy. Somehow given the nomadic nature of my family the engagement patterns of MOOC learners will be easier to research. 

However there’s no rest for the wicked. Today I resume my normal working pattern which is a relief and return to the literature for final inclusion in the next draft of the thesis. 196 days until final submission. 

Until then I’m still, doctor in waiting.