Taking Time Out

Whenever I take time out, I always give advanced warning because it seems in today’s socially online society you can’t just step off without some warning first. I once made this mistake and the rumours of my possible tragic ending a few years back were both humorous and glamourous. 

Now I’m known for working crazy hours and having very little sleep and forever bouncing around on caffeine free boundless energy. But recently I’ve pushed myself too far, I’ve worked too many hours, and to be honest this last week I’ve found myself very close to burn out. I’ve never soared this close to the sun before and I can’t say I like it very much. 

So, this Thursday I finish work for 3 weeks. My emails are being switched off. My apps are being switched off. My DM notifications are being switched off. I’m going to be focusing on me and my doctorate. Then due to circumstances beyond discussion on this blog posting I’ll be working from home for a few weeks returning to social app society in time to present at ALT-C and to campus upon my return. 

The next two months are make or break for my doctorate to get to the next deadline, and I plan to do whatever it takes to make it. 

See you on the flip side folks. 

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