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Final Report Year One – Conclusions of Methodology and Next Steps

The application of an initial study not only allowed the testing of both research methodologies identified or use in the main study (surveys and interviews) but also through the undertaking of interviews prior to the development of the beta survey resulted in the confirmation of the research questions to be explored within the main study.

The results of the initial study continue to impact on the literature being reviewed moving forward, concentrating on literature relating to engagement in learning, open online courses, and learning design used in the creation of open online courses. Ensuring that the literature remains aligned to the addressing of the research questions.

The results of the pilot study have also impacted on the methodology proposed for the main study, with a stronger focus on analysis techniques in both the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the surveys, but also with the application of content analysis and grounded theory methods developed from the initial interviews in the analysis of responses in the post-survey interviews in the main study.