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Taking on Trolls

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to attend ALT-C and listen to a fantastic and insightful keynote by Josie Fraser – In The Valley of the Trolls (available on YouTube). In her keynote Josie advocated when dealing with trolls it was best to ignore, block, and delete.

Now normally I advocate of this method, however a troll in my community this week got a little more than they bargained for when writing this post on the Facebook fan page of Sainsburys…

I’m not going to get into the semantics of dairy for health, but as a vegan myself we are subjected to trolling pretty much on a daily basis. However, unlike in Josie’s keynote this isn’t just reserved to the world on online, it has been on many occasions to my face. I can’t even seem to escape it as some people I know even introduce me as ‘this is Hannah, she’s vegan’ (way to go guys). So ignoring, deleting, and blocking can then become somewhat trickier when the troll is standing right in front of you… 

In the situation with the lady that posted to Sainsburys she informed us that our cheese wasn’t cheese so should be called Gary and none of us would be invited to her wine and cheese parties in the future. Now this invite blacklisting would sadden some, especially as we are the ones that eat the celery at these parties. However the community and then Sainsburys chose *not* to ignore, delete or block, but instead fight back with humour to lessen the troll…

With a few hours the troll-fightback campaign had gone viral. Gary was truly born, adopted by all vegan/vegan friendly companies and vegans as our new word for cheese 

It even made the news and so the question is…what happened to the lady? 

Well, it seems the troll is now considering a candlelit dinner with none other than…Gary. 

Hope he brings some celery.